Between the 6th and 15th of September the words of Jon Fosse will permeate all corners of the Norwegian Theatre. During the International Fosse Festival performances will take place on all stages, with guest performances from Japan, Russia and France, plus an extensive programme of seminars.

The International Fosse Festival in 2019 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Jon Fosse’s debut as a dramatist, and it will be his 60th birthday in September. Join us at Det Norske Teatret for ten days of celebrations.


  • Trilogy / Trilogien

    Director: Luk Perceval

    The heavily pregnant Alida and the childs father Asle walk homeless and sleepless around in rainy Bjørgvin. They have left the place where they grew up, and it's time for Alida to give birth to their child - but no one can provide them with a shelter. The desperate young couple must resort to drastic measures which they later are being held accountable for.

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  • Someone is going to come / Nokon kjem til å kome

    Director: Kai Johnsen

    She and He have spontaneously bought a house by the sea where they want to be alone with their love, "alone together". But is this dream achievable?

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  • Life in secrecy / Leve hemmeleg

    Director: Trine Wiggen

    What is love, and if we don't
    have love, then what is the meaning of life?

    A piece from a series of plays, called "Shorter plays".

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  • Dream of Autumn / Draum om hausten

    Guest performance from Teatr Im Lensoveta, Russia. Performed in russian, will be texted. Director: Jurij Butusov

    It looks like a man and a woman have a random encounter in a cemetery. They know one another already, and have always been attracted of each other. The years pass by imperceptibly.

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  • At the edge of sleep / Au bord du sommeil / Kant

    Guest performance from Ex Voto à la lune, France. Will. be perforer in french 10/9, and in English 11/9. Will not be texted. Director: Emilie Anna Maillet

    Kristoffer is eight years old, and in the evening he lies in bed. He is supposed to be reading about Donald Duck, but he keeps thinking about outer space. Is there an edge out there, where outer space ends - and what's outside of it?

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  • Someone is going to come / Nokon kjem til å kome

    Gjest performance from Chiten, Japan. Will be performed in Japanese, will be texted. Director: Motoi Miura

    "Nokon kjem til å kome" is the very first play written by Jon Fosse.

    The play was initially performed at Det Norske Teatret in 1996, and is known to be one of the most performed and widely known plays by Jon Fosse.

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  • And then the dog may come / Og så kan hunden komme

    Guest performance from Västanå theatre in collaboration with Epo Art AS.
    Director: Leif Stinnerbom. With: Paul-Ottar Haga.

    This is the story about the love between a man and his dog, about revenge and restless waiting.

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  • Fosse i Nynorskens hus - Morgon og kveld

    Guest performance from Hordaland Theatre.
    Director: Terje Nauder. With: Stig Amdam.

    Johannes lives in a densified limbo universe between the extremes of his lifecycle. The day he was born and the day he is going to cross over to the other side.

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  • Fosse i Nynorskens hus - Vi er verda

    Premiere by The Norwegian Girl Choir and Den mangfaldige scenen.

    Music: Ørjan Matre
    Director: Anne-Karin Sundal Ask
    Choreography: Erlend Samnøen

    «I am here
    I am always here
    A pretty short break
    And I have always been here»

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