Old feelings come alive, and past and present are bound together.

Three characters, the first man, the second man and the woman, alternately meet each other on a pier. The two men don’t remember whether they know each other, whether they met, if they met before or not. Then a woman arrives on the pier. The woman recognises the first man. It has been a long time since they have seen each other. She doesn’t know where she is. She wants to go swimming. She wants to talk about the children. His children. How are they doing, he wants to know.

STAN and Fosse

Jon Fosse is a returning author at STAN. Together with Discordia, we present Warm as the final part in the triptych around Jon Fosse, after I Am the Wind (2018) and Rambuku (2021).

We keep turning to Jon Fosse because of his very unique and new type of language, one that seems to consist of few and simple words, of short sentences and repetitions, with characters stripped of psychology. Fosse shows that literature and art can simultaneously be a great comfort and a great sorrow.

Warm describes two men and one woman.

Who are they?
Maybe actors

They do not know who they were, where they were, how they were or what they were, now that they have arrived at the place they cannot leave, which is the stage.

The performance is a guest play from STAN (Belgium) in collaboration with Maatschappij Discordia.