Mother and child

A man turns up at his mother's house, whom he has not seen for many years. He wants to find out why he was not wanted, and what life his mother has lived without him.

Many years ago, the mother abandoned her child to escape a heterosexual relationship that her parents had wanted for her. The mother likes other women. Sonen, who is bisexual, is part of a generation that has come a long way in accepting sexual minorities. Therefore, he has a different understanding than his mother of what boundaries a non-heteronormative gender identity entails.

An intense dialogue about guilt, family ties and the possibility of forgiveness, but also a bright drama about the possibility of escaping dark thoughts.

A central question therefore becomes how different structural frameworks in the upbringing of different generations can act as boundaries in order to gain insight into the liberation struggles of the other generations. In the play, the son visits his mother, with whom he has had a peripheral relationship. Either in an attempt at reconciliation or as a redeeming confrontation.


The performance is a guest play from Agder Nye Teater.