The Oresteia

A story about the birth of democracy.

Where is the limit for human responsibility? Can the individual be held responsible for his own actions, or is there a level above us that can forgive us for our missteps?

There are almost no limits to what the people in this tragedy will have to go through. Here is betrayal, war, sacrifice, revenge, murder, love and passion. Here there are divine humans and human gods, and not least here is interaction between gods and humans.

A defense for the rule of law against the arbitrary blood feud.

The Oresteia is often read as a settlement with the blood feud, but there is an ambivalence between the lines that also opens up a deeper meaning. Perhaps the eternal spiral of blood feud is something we still haven't managed to free ourselves from?

The production is created by director Eirik Stubø, who, together with his solid artistic team, is once again loosely based on a classic text retold by one of the greatest playwrights of our time, Jon Fosse.